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Meet Our Doctors

EARC Rheumatologists

Read below to learn more about our committed doctors, and how their role is continuing our tradition of excellence.

Ananta Subedi, MD, MPH

Dr. Subedi is board certified, fellowship trained rheumatologist. He has multiple publications in multiple journals and authored a book chapter in pearls in Rheumatology for the Care of Older Rheumatology patients. Dr. Subedi believes listening to patients is essential in the healing process. This is much more important in... More about Dr. Subedi

Patient Reviews

"I have suffered from debilitating lower back, leg, and hip pain for over 7 years. I have seen countless specialist over the years. As soon as I explained my symptoms almost all the doctors tuned out because they didn’t have any ideas. I would do all their test and be in the same place with no answers. I was at my wits end, but my primary doctor asked me to see one more specialist and she recommended a rheumatologist at Empower Arthritis & Rheumatology. I was feeling pretty pessimistic going into the appointment after so many bad experiences, but I was quickly surprised when Dr. Subedi took time (almost an hour!) to talk to me to understand all the doctors I have seen, all the symptoms I have had, all the things I had tried. I have NEVER felt heard before. When I left the appointment, I called my husband crying because someone had finally listened and was going to be a partner with me in figuring out what was going on. If you are looking for a doctor who really listens and cares, then Dr Subedi is it! Cannot recommend enough."

"Dr. Subedi along with his staff gives exceptional service. I am blessed to have found a doctor that is patient and caring. He takes the time to gain all of your information to help insure the best care that he can provide."

"Dr Subedi is a wonderful and caring doctor. His bedside manner was perfect and he was so gentle with my mother. His examination was thorough!"

"The Staff was warm and welcoming. Dr. Subedi is a very caring provider and has been so helpful. He listened to my concerns and questions. He took his time to explain to me the need for pain medicine to help with my back pain and give exercises to help. I highly recommend him and this practice."

"Dr. SUBEDI was very attentive. Took a lot of time knowing my issue, my pain points and all of my concerns. Suggested a plan of action as well. I would highly recommend Dr. SUBEDI."

"Dr. Subedi is one of the kindest, most genuine and caring specialists that I have EVER dealt with. I have recommended him to others who are searching for quality care for PsA. I am very grateful that when he moved his office that my insurance was still applicable and I was able to move to the new practice to."

"I have seen Dr. Subedi twice and both times he has been very patient, kind and informative. He is extremely thorough and has a fantastic way of explaining things to the patient. Everything is very clear on what he is doing and why... to how he goes over results with you. Most impressively, at my new patient visit, he didn't ask me a single question about something I had written down in the paperwork already. After one visit I was confident in his services and know that nothing would be overlooked."

"This was my first appointment, and Empowered may be the nicest medical practice I’ve ever visited. From the moment I walked through the door, everyone I encountered was welcoming, friendly and professional. Dr. Subedi took plenty of time to examine and discuss my condition with me, and I have complete confidence in him. It was an overall excellent experience!"

"I am extremely satisfied with the quality of care provided by Dr. Subedi and his staff. I never feel rushed and my questions and concerns are always fully addressed."

"Dr. Subedi was very knowledgeable and caring. He answered all my questions and didn't rush the visit at all. The office staff was also fantastic. I left with answers, a clear plan, and a sense of hope I haven't felt in a long time."

Sandeepkumar Gupta, MD

Dr. Sandeepkumar Gupta is a board-certified rheumatologist at Empowered Arthritis and Rheumatology. His extensive training and expertise enable him to address a variety of rheumatological conditions ranging including rheumatoid, and psoriatic arthritis, lupus, and multiple other auto-immune disorders. The team at EARC... More about Dr. Gupta

Patient Reviews

"I started having problems about three years ago with stiffness and swelling, had gone to several doctors and not much help without a diagnosis. Dr. Gupta said I have rheumatoid arthritis and started treatment. I am doing much better now really trust Dr. Gupta. Thank you Dr. Gupta."

"Finding an amazing rheumatologist is very difficult. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta and his practice, I would hope everyone who's in need of a rheumatologist would find such a knowledgeable, caring, thorough, outstanding doctor."

"I was referred here after my WakeMed Rheumatology recently closed. I was concerned as having recently relocated to NC and meeting a new specialist, would they understand my condition. Dr Gupta eased these concerns. He reviewed my history and checked some past results I provided. We had an excellent discussion and answered all my questions. He demonstrated how familiar he was with other patients with the same diagnosis he has treated. Looking forward to continuing my visits and testing with Dr Gupta."

"Really like Dr. Gupta. Turns out my issues are not directly related to his specialty, but yet he seems to really want to help. He's very personable and easy to talk with. And I really respect that he remembers details from our previous visits...not just medical but personal."

"Dr. Gupta was very personable and genuinely concerned about my wellbeing. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends."

"I had a really good experience with Dr Gupta who diagnosed my RA just as I was about to move to a new state. He helped me find another Rheumatologist and provided a referral and aggressive and urgent treatment recommendation, which (1) allowed me to be seen quickly by the new doctor despite a typically long waiting time for new patients and (2) the treatment resulted in remission, long may it last. He is an excellent and caring doctor."

"Dr. Gupta is not only very nice and patient, he is also very knowledgeable and it's obvious he will do what it takes to help his patients."

"Both my husband and I are so for the care and support we receive from Dr. Gupta. I feel confident with his skill and expertise in Rheumatology that I will feel well again and my RA will "go to sleep" for a good long while. My cup overflows with thanks. The staff is wonderful. I sing Empowered Rheumatology's praises wherever I go! Many thanks to Gupta and all. Sincerely, Anne G. Brennan"

"Dr. Gupta was amazing! He explained everything to me and took the time needed to listen to me. He put my mind at ease and I have such high hope that I will feel better soon with his exceptional knowledge!"

"Dr Gupta and the staff in the front, are excellent. They provide beyond excellent customer service. They are so nice and Dr Gupta is one of the best doctors that I have had. She takes the time to explain everything, and he listens. I feel very comfortable there, and I know I’m an excellent hands."

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