Dr. Ananta Subedi and Dr. Sandeepkumar Gupta - Empowered Arthritis (EARC)

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EARC Rheumatologists

Read below to learn more about our committed doctors, and how their role is continuing our tradition of excellence.

Ananta Subedi, MD, MPH

Dr. Subedi is board certified, fellowship trained rheumatologist. He has multiple publications in multiple journals and authored a book chapter in pearls in Rheumatology for the Care of Older Rheumatology patients. Dr. Subedi believes listening to patients is essential in the healing process. This is much more important in... More about Dr. Subedi >

Sandeepkumar Gupta, MD

Dr. Sandeepkumar Gupta is a board-certified rheumatologist at Empowered Arthritis and Rheumatology. His extensive training and expertise enable him to address a variety of rheumatological conditions ranging including rheumatoid, and psoriatic arthritis, lupus, and multiple other auto-immune disorders. The team at EARC... More about Dr. Gupta >

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